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Why Are My Teeth Brown?

Do you wonder why your teeth are brown and you know you brush your teeth daily?

You might have high fluoride in your local water!!

What can you do? Use a fluoride filter to reduce the fluoride in your potable water so that you can minimize fluorosis.

Which fluoride system should you use? HIX is what we recommend.

The HIX Advantage HIX-Nano200 is an innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly technology that can be implemented in communities with limited resources and technological capabilities. Due to its enhanced fluoride removal potential and regenerative capacity the cost of an HIX system at 20 cents per gram of fluoride removed far outweighs that of activated alumina at 75 cents to 1 dollar per gram of fluoride removed and that of bone char at 80 cents per gram of fluoride removed. HIX is stable over a wide pH range which means that its effectiveness will not be compromised by varying groundwater conditions.

When should you contact Avo Global?

When your water is tested and it has a fluoride level that is greater than 1.5 PPM

If you move to an area with high fluoride content in the drinking water

If you live in an area where most people who live the region have dental fluorosis

If your drinking water is from a borehole and a water analysis certificate is provided to you and you don’t know what it means.

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