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Sustainable Agriculture

Exceeding Expectations

Avoglobal supports food security through the promotion of sustainable agriculture using organic fertilizer booster Apex10 -- Nature's wonder.

Public Health

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Provide highly trained teams and support services to meet the needs of public health providers.

  • Management consulting and implementation for mid to large scale projects targeting communicable and non-communicable tropical diseases.

Digital social media

Information Technology

Committed to Quality

  • Provide ICT4D services and IT management consulting.

  • Mobile  app and website development

  • IT infrastructure upgrades

Environmental Remediation

Continuous Innovation

  • Environmental Remediation Solutions: Heavy metal remediation, weed control (water hyacinth), acid mine drainage management and air pollution control are some of the areas in which we have provided successful solutions.

  • Water Infrastructure: Installation of water purification systems in regions with high fluoride concentrations in drinking water.

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