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We Provide Solutions


Avoglobal provides strategic and management consulting services to the renewable energy, agribusiness, environmental remediation, education and public health sectors. 

Our company provides solutions to clients in the US and Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our clients span various sectors including, water producers, educational institutions, health organizations, agricultural businesses, FMCG Industries, and energy producers.  Avoglobal professionals provide technology solutions and management consulting for improved health, environmental and public health matters.  Our highly trained and skilled personnel pride themselves on effective implementations, and quick turn-around on projects.


A Glimpse At What We Have Done

  • Public Health: Management consulting and implementation of mid to large scale projects targeting communicable and non-communicable tropical diseases.

  • Water Infrastructure: Installation of water purification systems in regions with high fluoride concentrations in drinking water.

  • Renewable Energy Solutions: Solar and wind energy in East Africa.

  • IT solutions for large infrastructure projects.  

  • Environmental Remediation Solutions: Heavy metal remediation, weed control (water hyacinth), acid mine drainage management and air pollution control are some of the areas in which we have provided successful solutions.

  • Agribusiness Solutions: Support implementation of sustainable farming practices for organic produce

  • Higher Education Consulting: Consulting for STEM programs.

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